Dragon Eyes — a dice roll game with randomness fully on-chain on ICP


Triggered by a tweet by Jan Camenisch that provably secure randomness can be achieved fully on-chain, this project was ignited.

Started as a dice roll game with simple gameplay and quickly gained traction, selling over a thousand tickets in just a few days. As the vision evolved, Dragon Eyes took on a grander purpose.

Dragon Eyes aims to address a prevalent issue in the online betting sector. Many platforms have faced accusations of rigging games and engaging in unfair practices that disadvantage players.

To tackle this issue, Dragon Eyes incorporates these key features:

1. Provably Fair Mechanism

The platform is a decentralized application that ensures provably secure randomness in game outcomes. This mechanism is achieved entirely on-chain in ICP, without the need for an oracle. By providing transparency, it assures players of the fairness of each game.

2. Towards Decentralization of Ownership

As the platform grows, equity will be distributed to the players, eventually resulting in a public platform that is owned by the players themselves.

The platform will also have equity token ($DRAGON) that will distribute 100% of the nett profit to token holders via staking mechanism after TGE.

3. Open game protocol

By allowing other tokens to use the provided token within the game and having multichain interoperability, it provides utility and unlocks a new economy for the community of token holders.

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