Game Mechanic Rationale

The odds of rolling snake eyes are 1 in 36, or about a 2.7% probability per roll. Since any double (except 1-1 and 6-6) grants an extra roll, the odds improve to around 1 in 32, or 3.1%.

For a rational gambler (if such a term exists), it only makes sense to bet when the reward/risk ratio is reasonable — preferably close to or even higher than the inverse of your odds.

However, merely adding a portion of the losing bets to the grand prize over time would incentivize later players (due to the higher prize) and disincentivize early ones.

Thus, we introduced the Bonus Prize as an additional incentive for early bettors, creating a positive flywheel for each game round.

For an early player for each round who got the highest possible dice (double six), it's a guaranteed winner for the Dwarf's Chest.

Prize will keep increasing and can be claimed after someone rolled snake eyes and win the Dragon's Chest.

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