Our first game started as a simple “snake eyes” dice rolling game won by player who rolled double ones (1-1).

To add fun, we included a twist: the prize increases each time someone loses.

Each round starts with two prize pools:

  • The Grand Prize (Dragon's Chest), starting at 10x the ticket price

  • The Bonus Prize (Dwarf's Chest), starting at 2x the ticket price.

How To Play

1. Connect wallet and get a new wallet address auto generated for you. 2. Transfer some ICP to your new wallet address. 3. Buy ticket and roll the dice! Use Claim if you win to redeem your prize. Use Withdraw if you want to transfer out your ICP to your main wallet or exchange.

Game Rules

  • Rolling snake eyes (both dice showing “1”) wins the Grand Prize.

  • Rolling any doubles, except snake eyes and double sixes (2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5), grants an extra dice roll.

  • Rolling the first highest number among all participants wins the Bonus Prize. The first double six (6-6) guarantees a win.

The value of both prizes will keep increasing with every roll until someone wins the Grand Prize, after which a new round starts.

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