The reward token that is awarded to all players engaged in the game.

The objective for $EYES is to provide positive flywheel for the ecosystem and fairly distribute future equity based on the engagement and early support.

Consider $EYES like reward points that entitled for future native token allocation, but unlike typical point system, it's already transferrable using ICRC-1 standard.

$EYES specs

  • No capped supply

  • TGE January 16 2024 when the platform launched

  • Emission halving every 60 days

  • Emission status LIVE and will be stopped on $DRAGON TGE

  • Distribution only for players

    • First time for each wallet address connected to the platform (deprecated)

    • Every dice roll with a value according to the sum of the dice with linear decrease mechanicm (early player on each round gets the highest boost)

$EYES holders will be entitled to mint $XDRAGON (HybridX* ERC20/ERC721 token) in Arbitrum on first come first serve basis

*HybridX standard can be found here

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