This token lives in ETH L2 Arbitrum, leveraging the new narrative on hybrid ERC20/ERC721 token hype and the unique properties that enable fungible token liquidity + nonfungible dynamic artwork.

$XDRAGON is using the new HybridX standard, that enables mint NFT on-demand from fungible tokens and burn NFT to convert them back into fungible tokens.

$XDRAGON can be minted (coming soon) in first come first serve basis by:

  • Burning $EYES -> mint $XDRAGON


Supply: 3838

  • Public 61.7% first come first serve in 3 phases

    • 10% OG $EYES holders and early partners will get the announcement first to mint on Discord for 1st phase

    • 41.7% on 2nd phase

    • 10% on 3rd phase

  • Liquidity 3%

  • Dev 12%

  • Treasury 8%

  • Early partners & backers 6.8%

  • HybridX foundation 1.5%

  • Vampire airdrop 5%

How to mint?

Mint is on the website: https://x.dragoneyes.xyz

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