What is XDragon?

The first hybrid ERC20/ERC721 token utilizes the HybridX standard with on-chain gamblification in Arbitrum. Supply for XDragon is limited 3838 only.

XDragon holders are the OGs and early members of House of the Dragon, entitled to 5% of the native token allocation for the Dragon Eyes ecosystem, which streams the house profit after TGE.

The objective of XDragon is to fundraise and establish a strong foundation and community for the House of the Dragon.

How to mint XDragon?

You need $EYES to mint.

How to get more $EYES?

  1. By buying ticket and playing the Dragon Eyes game. For each dice roll you will get $EYES depend on the sum of dice number you get. Higher number gets more $EYES.

  2. By sharing your invite code. For each code used by user you referred that bought ticket, you will get 1,000 $EYES or the equivalent of double eyes (1-1) in Arbitrum version.

How to migrate $EYES I get from ICP version of Dragon Eyes?

Use the MIGRATE tab and login with the Google account you use for the ICP version. Click MIGRATE and you will get your $EYES available to mint XDragon

What is House of the Dragon?

An organization that builds, owns, and manages a fully decentralized casino, which initially started with a live "Dragon Eyes" dice rolling game. The casino's profits are distributed to members according to their percentage of ownership in the native token.

The TGE of House of the Dragon native token will be done sometime this year, after more games are built.

What’s the different between ERC-404 and HybridX?

In ERC-404, both Non Fungible (ERC-721) and Fungible (ERC-20) token exist together at the same time. In HybridX, if NFT exists, the FT will be burned, and vice versa.

HybridX is like Batman OR Bruce Wayne that cannot exist both at the same time, while ERC-404 is Two-Face which has DID (Dissasociative Identity Disorder) complex.

What’s the benefit of holding XDragon?

In the NFT mode, you will get distribution of shapeshift (BINT / MURN) fees. You will need to BINT first after you mint XDragon in fungible mode.

What is Shapeshift?

Changing the form of your XDragon from Non Fungible to Fungible or vice versa.

What is BINT?

The shapeshift action from FT to NFT by burning the ERC-20 (FT) and minting ERC-721 (NFT). You need to pay 1% fee in ETH and you will get 1 ticket per 1 NFT BINT to roll the dice.

What is MURN?

The shapeshift action from NFT to FT by burning the ERC-721 (NFT) and minting ERC-20 (FT). You also need to pay 1% fee in ETH.

What is Re-Roll?

The shapeshift action from NFT to FT (MURN) and back to NFT (BINT) again. You need 2% (1% for MURN and 1% for BINT) fee in ETH

Where do the BINT and MURN fees go?

20% are distributed to all token holder who hold in NFT mode, and 80% goes to Dragon pot as a prize for onchain dice rolling game.

When and why do I need to BINT?

Binting your XDragon to NFT form provides several benefits:

  • You get your artwork PFP

  • You get distribution of shapeshift fees you may claim anytime

  • You can list your NFT in marketplace like OpenSea, Blur, LooksRare etc.

  • You get 1 ticket per NFT to roll the dice for a chance to win the pot that collects 80% of all shapeshift fees.

When and why do I need to MURN?

Murning your XDragon to FT is necessary when you want to sell your token on Uniswap.

When and why do I need to Re-Roll?

Re-Rolling your XDragon will get you different randomized PFP, and you will get 1 ticket to roll the dice for a chance to win the pot that collects 80% of all shapeshift fees.

How the XDragon onchain gamblification works?

For each BINT and MURN fees collected, 80% of them goes to Dragon prize pot. Holder get a dice roll ticket for every 1 NFT BINT.

Holder win and emptied all the money in the Dragon pot when they get snake eyes (1-1) and round will be restarted.

The pot will be refilled again automatically from all the collective fees from the BINT & MURN activities.

What is the chance of winning the pot?

2 die with each 6 sides means that your chance of winning the pot each time rolling the dice statistically is 1/36 or 2.77%. The randomization is done fully onchain using secured VRF (Verifiable Randomized Function) on the ICP network.

How the XDragon holders fee distribution works?

For each BINT and MURN fees collected, 20% distributed to a claim pool for XDragon NFT holders.

Every 24 hours there will be snapshot for all NFT holders to determine the allocation of fees for that day. Holders may claim their fees from the pool anytime.

Holders in FT form are not entitled for fee distribution.

How to claim fee distribution?

Go to CLAIM page and claim your ETH rewards.

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